Gym Fitness Sports Yoga Camping Hand Towel 100% Cotton Terry Towel Ultra Soft

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  • 100% Ultra Soft Turkish Cotton Towels
  • Great for Yoga, Gym, Fitness, Golf, Any Sports, and Camping Hand Towel
  • Extremely Absorbent
  • Weight: 5.8 oz -
  • Hand Towel Size - 16"x 29"
  • Gym Towel Size - 12"x 43"

Brief Description: The towels that we use all over the world actually was first woven in modern-day Bursa in the 18th century. Weavers invented different techniques for these towels and the towels known as `havly` at the beginning are now known as `havlu`, which is actually the Turkish word for towels. The specialty and much of the fame of these towels naturally rest on the fact that these towels were hand woven, which limited their manufacturing to 3-4 towels a day. Available in Black, Aqua, Navy, Black, Lime Green, Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, Lavender, White, and Beige Solid Color. There are 1 pack and 2 packs options.