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Brief Description: The towels that we use all over the world actually were first woven in modern day Bursa in the 18th century. Weavers invented different techniques for these towels and the towels known as `havly` at the beginning are now known as `havlu`, which is actually the Turkish word for towels. The specialty and much of the fame of these towels naturally rest on the fact that these towels were hand woven, which limited their manufacturing to 3-4 towels a day. Available in Black, Aqua, Navy, Black, Lime Green, Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, Lavender, White, and Beige Solid Color. There are 1 pack and 2 packs options. 1) Wash Your Towels Before You Use Them Wash your towels with a ? cup of white vinegar before using them for the first time. The vinegar will help set the dyes and keep the colors more resilient. Plus, running the towels through a laundry cycle will reduce the shedding that can often be found in new towels. 2) Launder Your Towels Together If you don?t want your towels to pill, launder them only with other towels. What is a ?pill?? It?s when short fabric fibers rub together with the long fibers of bath towels, causing them to bunch and create little nubs on the fabric, or ?pills.? Over drying can also lead to pills, so keep an eye on your drying time. 3) Wash Towels in Small Laundry Loads Trying to wash and dry too many towels at once can damage your washing machine and interfere with your dryer?s ability to dry your towels properly. An overstuffed load of towels in your dryer won?t allow enough air circulation to fluff up the fibers. Instead, a too-full load will mat down fibers, causing your towels to come out stiff instead of soft. 4) Avoid Fabric Softener This may seem like a contradiction, but fabric softeners can actually damage your towels. Fabric softeners cause buildup and can mat your fibers down, which causes stiffness and a decrease in absorbency.

  • ✔ Composition: 100% Premium Luxurious Turkish Cotton Which Has Fibers That Are Longer Than Typical Cotton, Resulting in a Strong and Smooth Fabric Along With Extreme Absorbency
  • ✔ Made in Turkey - Imported
  • ✔ Our Gym Towel has been manufactured with the finest Turkish cotton yarns, which creates a wonderful surface of all over the towel that are highly absorbent and soft. Being soft, durable and very absorbent, which makes them ideal for any gym goer. On the other hand, those towels also dry very quickly which makes them very practical and efficient for regular gym goers.
  • ✔ The towel is light and easily foldable, making it perfect for carrying to and from workouts, classes and the gym. Produced with excellent materials meaning it will last longer.
  • ✔ It's super absorbent and the ideal size to fit inside your gym bag. Soft and compact. Great for Yoga, Gym, Fitness, Golf, Any Sports, and Camping
  • ✔ Made in OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory - Meets high safety and environmental standards. Quick drying, Made from 100% Turkish Cotton, Stylish design. Weight: 5.8 oz - 12"x44"
  • ✔ Care: Wash separately before use. Wash dark colors separately. Warm gentle machine wash at max temp 40°C. Do not use oxidizing/chlorine based bleaching agents. Avoid excessive use of fabric softeners and detergents containing optical brighteners. Warm tumble dry. Do not iron or dry clean.